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Hi! I’m Rashi,

Keen on uncovering insights and trends that reveal the hidden stories behind numbers.

Graduated with a BSc degree in Information Technology from Mumbai University (Batch of 2023). Recipient of the Essar Endowment Best Student Award (2023) for academic & extra-curricular excellence.

Adept at database cleaning, maintenance, and management, paired with proactive communication skills. Developed proficiency in MySQL, Google Data Studio, MS Excel, Power BI, and Tableau.

I am an ardent learner with a keen interest in technical writing, data research, and analysis and a desire to explore and contribute to the field. I thrive in settings that involve teamwork, problem-solving, and analytical thinking. My hobbies include volleyball, swimming, classical dancing, and martial arts.

An avid reader, particularly of science fiction novels - recommendations are welcome!

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